Borla was founded in 1965: from the very beginning, our core business was to manufacture plastic and rubber components for medical applications.
The company reacted strategically to the expansion of a market brimming with opportunities. In 1972 it acquired the Borla Gomma di Varese production facility (Italy), which specializes in molding components in natural latex and synthetic rubber.
Borla then established its brand on a global level: in 1991 it acquired the Listal industrial facility in Ireland, which specializes in insert molding components with membrane or filter media. In 1998 sales horizons expanded beyond the ocean, with offices in California and a distribution center in Memphis, USA. In 2007 trade offices were also opened in Brazil and Russia.
In 2008 Borla also took over Comef in Modena (Italy), which specializes in dialysis kit components, accessories for blood infusion and transfusion and connectors for extracorporeal circulation. In 2010 it acquired Yukon Medical, in North Carolina (USA), which specializes in the development of innovative pharmaceutical preparation and delivery devices.
Today Borla has four production facilities in its headquarters in Turin with seven fully automated clean rooms for molding and assembly.
It’s a story of past successes, present leadership, and a future at the cutting edge: we invest in technology, we deliver innovation.