The mission that guides our company is to manufacture plastic and rubber components for medical applications. The aim is to combine cutting-edge technology, automation and engineering in products that match the highest quality standards. Borla products are products of excellence: infusion and transfusion set components, blood line components, connectors and caps, clamps and roller clamps, injection sites, needlefree systems components, check valves, burette components, i.v. filters, stopcocks and syringes.
It’s an integrated and complete process, from engineering to prototyping, from molding to assembly, right up to logistics.
Quality, cutting-edge technology, organization. Entering global markets with entrepreneurial business spirit. Increasing production capacity through innovation, research, and constant development. Acquiring new sales partners, conquering new market share and being the leader in pharmaceutical components, particularly in terms of the quality of our every project, recognized at a global level by a growing market.
Corporate responsibility
The conscientious approach of a large multinational company is demonstrated by its level of corporate responsibility; it must accept that it is part of a well-defined social context. Borla is a company that is inspired by ethical values: every single person’s contribution and all ideas help make a company great. There is room for cooperation and synergy, factors that raise the business to new heights.
We offer our customers the best. In an environment of positive feedback, we have earned enormous trust and loyalty in our long history, a trust and loyalty that we want to respect and live up to, always.
Furthermore, Borla is sensitive to environmental issues when it comes to manufacturing: our production processes meet sustainable requirements with the highest level of research and development procedures.