About us
Borla is a leading multinational manufacturer of plastic, rubber and silicone components for medical applications worldwide. The company applies its successful entrepreneurial vision to focus on three important priorities: innovation, investment and international leadership.

From research to prototypes, to product development and manufacturing: from component molding to assembly, and packaging to logistics, ourentirely in-house processes ensure that the quality of every product is the highest priority.

With a large manufacturing capacity supported by eight production facilities worldwide, including four in our Turin headquarters, our strong, reliable business systems set the standard in this sector.

Business savvy, organization, research, leadership, cutting-edge technology: in a word, Borla.
Why Borla
For Borla, a multinational company that works at the highest levels of technology and productivity, organization is key. Synergy, integration, autonomy, competence, and management are combined to deliver a greater benefit. A high level of efficiency is achieved every day through the precise coordination of processes, and the high quality deliverables reflect the way every phase is managed.
  • In-house manufacturing and oversight of each product delivers higher efficiency and enhanced product range quality.
  • Each new project is closely monitored with Borla’s proprietary, step-by-step monitored program management processes.
  • From start to finish, precision and accuracy are maximised in product design, concept, development and distribution.
  • Production expertise is enhanced through the collaborative processes in design, mold construction, molding, assembly and logistics.
Independence, production capacity, precision at every stage, but, above all, organization.
  • Broad experience in plastic and rubber components for medical applications since 1965.
  • Continual investment in technology and production facilities.
  • Eight automated factories.
  • In-house manufacturing.
  • The latest production technology.
  • Sales presence in more than 65 countries worldwide.
  • Research and development carried out to the highest standards.
  • Design and prototyping using the most advanced software.
  • 3 clean rooms for molding.
  • 4 clean rooms for assembly.
  • Ten product segments with over 2,000 types of diversified components.
  • Packaging, warehousing and logistics that shorten the time-to-market.